Friday, April 3, 2015

Radical Favors

For the past seven years Brynn and I have fought hard against my cancer. We've had highs (remission!), lows (recurrence), and times we bottomed out (unconsciousness, inability to walk, stopping and re-starting my heart). But we have persevered.

And now I'm asking for help.

It seems the worst of it is over. But the financial aftermath is devastating. Brynn has never lived in a home that has truly been hers. We've lived with friends and with family for years. She's bounced from one school district to another as I've had to relocate for medical treatments.

I want to give her a house for her birthday.

Well...not exactly. But something like that. And I want everyone to be in on it. It is extremely difficult for me to ask for help, but I am asking anyways. Please, *please* help me raise a down payment for a home to call our own.

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